Free Wallboards for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX/CCX)

By Aaron Harrison : Development Engineer at IPCommute UK

I've noticed that one of the major oversights in a Cisco Contact Centre Express deployment is a reasonable wallboard. There are lots of suppliers of these products out there, and in my experience these vary from good, but complex and expensive, to extremely poor but expensive.

Most customers have a fairly limited initial set of requirements - I have lost count of the number of customers I've seen that run the Supervisor app or the 'Real Time Reporting' java applet on a 42" TV. Many of these have simply put the application up there, complete with tiny text invisible from more than a few metres away - others have more imaginitive use of screen magnifier utilities to boost the display with varying degrees of success!

The more adventurous customers that have development capabilities are often happy to write their own customised wallboard apps, and the more cash-rich and 'formal' Contact Centres splash out on the likes of CheckMate, SyMon, or Inova.

But what about the rest of us?

Maybe we have a small service desk, or informal Contact Centre of another type. Maybe we're just too cheap to splash out thousands of dollars on something that just displays numbers in large letters!

There are options out there...

The Community 'Free of Charge Wallboard' - this was developed for the Windows versions of UCCX, but can be set up to work with Informix. It's not my favourite, but being based around standard web technologies you can either use it as it is or modify it yourself to suit your needs. See here :

Tenox Wallboard - This is a recent discovery, but one I'm quite impressed with. It's a small .exe, is simple to set up, and can work with the old Windows platform or the new Linux/Informix combination in UCCX8.0 plus. It's a simple fairly static display with simple threshold capability, and has a basic but sensible set of statistics displayed that will probably meet most of your customer's requirements. See here:


Aaron Harrison

Development Engineer at IPCommute UK